Interior Painting in Aptos, CA

Serving All of Santa Cruz County

Do you want your home to be unique and truly represent your aesthetic tastes, but are struggling to make the necessary design choices? Gregory LeBaron and Transformational Color can help. Beyond a mere painting contractor, Gregory LeBaron is a master of color, texture, and design. He and his team at Transformational Color are based in Aptos, CA, but serve all of Santa Cruz County.

More Than a Coat of Paint

When you work with Gregory LeBaron and Transformational Color, you don’t just pick out some swatches at the hardware store and call it a day. Instead, we will take you on a color journey in which we truly explore your tastes and what you would like to see for your home. In fact, in our five-step color consultation, we don’t even pull out the color deck until the penultimate step.

Through our unique LeBaron method, we will come to find the exact colors and textures that will make your exterior or interior painting truly represent the vision you have for your home.

If you would like to set up a color consultation for your home painting project, call us at (831) 435-9706. We can’t wait to transform your home into a haven.