House Painting Services to Truly Transform Your Home

At Transformation Color, we do not just pick a palette out of a magazine. Instead, we sit down for a one-on-one consultation to get a feel for what you want and choose the colors that will bring life to your space.

We use the LeBaron Method of Color Consultation in all of our services to explore and uncover the hues that best fit you and your home. Our standard services are offered with the most personalized, high-caliber attention, which is a first in the industry. We start where others strive to reach.

Through our collaboration, we can make a beautiful house that positively impacts your life. It will be the home that you have always been looking for.

What to Expect

  • Three to five hours of LeBaron Method of Color Consultation
  • High-quality, low to zero-VOC Benjamin Moore in any color combination
  • Our professional and courteous crew painting efficiently on-site
  • Post-job cleanup

Custom Artistic Finishes

If you want an economical option, opt for Select Finishes. It is the least time-consuming and can create depth in any room with a modest investment. However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated look, we suggest Signature Finishes. We offer a variety of techniques, ranging from complex to single-color creations. Lastly, if you want to give your room a dramatic flair, choose High Art Finishes. Our team will create a unique expression of your style and imagination.

  • Artistic Finishes - One of the three tiers of custom artistic finishes (Select, Signature, or High Art)
  • Our painters can customize any finish through collaboration
  • We use tools that can reflect the look and feel of any period or aesthetic

From Gregory

“When I’m talking to someone, what I’m looking to understand is their current state. Are they already confident and they want to boost that confidence? Or are they in self-doubt and want a space that supports a huge leap? If they are into color, then I would utilize custom colors and finishes to create a room that feels powerful. If they are already very energetic, then I would tone down the space, so it is more grounding—in this way, the environment creates stability, but still has solid energy, strength, and inspiration.”